Recent Disclosable Work
Not all work can be disclosed because of contracts, so I list what I can.
Project Description
Author Jennifer Finney Boylan was the keynote speaker at the national conference of the American Society of Journalists (ASJA) and Authors on May 1, 2015 in New York City. The audio included introductory remarks by the conference chair, speech by Jennifer Boylan, and concluding remarks by the President of ASJA.
The task was to clean up the audio to create a smoother listening experience by removing: extraneous noise, speaker pollution, and irrelevant remarks about conference logisitics. For example, the conference chair began her introductory remarks with "umm" -- not a very diginified way to introduce a well-known author. Additionally, audio drop outs required substantive audio editing to eliminate the drop outs while preserving content flow.
The edited audio is freely available from this SoftConference.com link. Other recordings from the conference are available from the same site: SoftConference.com/asja.
Short examples of cleaned-up audio
Live Presentation made into podcast: Before
Live Presentation made into podcast: After

Live talk radio: Before
Live talk radio: After
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