demo/brucemiller-150x150.jpgSpeakerEdit is Bruce Miller's campaign for better listening from better speaking.
He has been involved with technology since the mid 1980's, including a stint as an Operations and Production Manager of a radio station, focusing on spoken-word programs.
He received an audio production award for "Word Magic" that relied heavily on his audio editing skills.
He completed the Toastmaster International speaking course with additional activity.
He has been interviewed for his own works on TV and radio.
He wrote professionally for 20+ years for regional and national publications and now self-publishes on various topics.
More recently he has done audio editing of conversations between interviewer, author, publisher, or consultant.
Because of these combined experiences, he is uniquely qualified to do simple and substantive editing or offer one-on-one consultation or training in spoken-word audio production.
TED Talks are among Miller's examples of good delivery. One of his favorite TED Talks is by Elli Beer on the fastest ambulance.
Reach Miller via bruce @ brucemiller . net
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