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Do you include distracting ums and ahs in your written material? If not, why include in your audio presentations?
In one clean-up project -- a 55-minute interview -- there were nearly 750 audible pauses (um, uh) uttered by just two people! That's a lot of distraction!
Be AwareMany people who make presentations have not given much thought or practice for clean content delivery. Indeed, it takes practice. But that practice can lead to comments like "Great presentation" rather than "I'm really sure what I got out of that presentation."

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Start CleanThe best place to begin clean speech is with the speaker. I heartily recommend Joan Detz and her resources at JoanDetz.com
The Ah-Um Game Even broadcasters recognize Speaker Pollution. The Ah-Um Game on a Baltimore FM radio station has turned the problem into a game. Check out this Youtube Video
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